Shipping Policy

BourbonBids Shipping Policy

Last Updated: June 2, 2021

BourbonBids and 100 Proof LLC do not provide shipping services.

While we don’t ship, auction winners can now engage a 3rd party shipper to pick up from our location in the Washington, DC area and deliver right to your door.

To schedule and pay for your shipping services please contact your chosen 3rd party shipping company directly. These carriers only ship within the continental United States.



  3. Email for more shipping options

The average fee for shipping has been between $40 - $125 per package. Shipping from Washington D.C.

A single package is usually determined to be up to twelve(12) 750ml bottles. The prices are normally per package not per bottle. All bottles must ship to the same address.

Buyer and receiver must be 21 or over.

As a reminder, you are solely responsible for the shipment of your auction purchases. If BourbonBids arranges a shipment, Bourbonbids is providing a service and acting as an agent on behalf of the Buyer. BourbonBids does not offer insurance on your purchased property. BourbonBids does not hold any responsibility for your property once your shipper picks up from the pickup location.

Disclaimer: Bottles may have a low fill level. Many older bottles of spirits can have a low level of liquid due to evaporation and leakage. This can be due to the quality of cork and seal, temperature fluctuations, humidity, new bottle fill levels are not scientifically exact, plus other causes.

If you cannot pick up this bottle in person from the auction location, we cannot guarantee that a 3rd party shipper will ship due to possible leakage. Shipping is at your own risk.