Below are numerous frequently asked questions and answers. If you do not see the answer to your question. Please contact us. 

Frequently asked questions


What can I buy and sell on BourbonBids?

On BourbonBids, collectors can buy or sell any kind of spirits designated as rare, vintage, designer and collectable. The term “collectable” is subject to BourbonBids discretion.

You can also buy and sell miniature spirits bottles.

Are their sales tax or other legal implications for me to sell through Bourbon Bids in Virginia?

Yes. For buyers, your winning auction lot may be subject to 6% sales tax. Virginia Sales Tax begins when we bring in $100,000 in annual Virginia gross sales or 200 or more transactions to Virginia customers.

Also, for two years from the date of sale, BourbonBids must keep records, available to the Virginia ABC board upon request, of the name and address of each purchaser and a description of the alcoholic beverages purchased.

As a seller in a BourbonBids auction, am I subject to receive an IRS form 1099?

Yes. For collectors selling through the BourbonBids platform we are required by law to provide the seller a 1099 if their total sales are equal to or exceed $600.00 USD in a calendar year.


How do I bid?

Setting up an account to sell and buy on is very easy. Visit our auction website and sign up for a free account. Must be 21+.

First, make sure that you are logged in, then find a lot that you wish to bid on. When you've found something you like the look of, enter your maximum offer and click the Bid button.

How does auto-bidding work?

The current winning bid in an auction goes up in intervals, based on the value of the previous winning bid:

From To Increment

$.01 $199.99 $5

$200 $999.99 $10

$1000 $2,499.99 $25

$2,500 $9,999.99 $50

$10,000 $19,999.99 $250

$20,000 $99,999.99 $500

When you enter your maximum bid, the auction platform will automatically raise your bid and that of the winning bidder until one of you has the highest bid. It will stop when it reaches either your maximum bid or the other bidders.

I've bid by mistake! What do I do?

You can easily increase or reduce your maximum bid to any value above the current bid by setting a new bid limit.

Bidding on an item at auction is a legal contract so we don't allow the retraction of bids. Contact us as soon as possible after making an accidental bid and we will see what we can do to help. Please note that repeated requests for bid retractions will lead to your account at being closed.

Why is my invoice total different to the amount I bid?

Review all auction terms and lots carefully. Additional fees may include but are not limited to, sales tax, buyer’s premium, import taxes, excise tax and more.

What do I do if I don't like the taste of items I bought or believe they are faulty?

All lots are sold as is and where is with no warrenties either written or expressed. If you are not comfortable paying for an item do not bid.

If you need to review a lot before you bid, please email to set an appointment.

Can you store the lots I've won between auctions?


A majority of our auction lots will need to be picked up in person. Please contact us to make an appointment to pick up your purchases within 14 calendar days of paying in full. We will charge $5 per day storage fees for any days after 14 days.

Lot winners will receive an email on how and where to pick up or shipping options

I have won an auction, how do I pay?

Visit On the upper right side of the screen, click on “My account” and login. Under “My account” look on the left side of your screen, find and click on “auctions you won”. Click on the auction you want to pay for. You will see the wording “Continue and pay with:” and a PayPal® button. Click on the PayPal® button to submit payment. Successful Buyers will pay the price of the final bid plus a 15% Buyer's Premium plus any applicable taxes for each lot purchased. Successful Buyers will also be required to pay for shipping costs, export or other taxes as applicable and allowed by law.