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How To Sell With BourbonBids

BourbonBids offers collectors a real option to "re-home" their collection.

No more scams. No more shady DMs and PMs (Direct & Private Messages for our older collectors) & no more parking lot meet ups. BourbonBids offers the protection of PayPal® payments or you can pay via wire, check, credit card and cashiers check. We currently do not accept cash.

We Offer 2 Selling Options

1. Auction through our Chantilly, Virginia Location

Virginia law allows us to auction designer and vintage spirits. (Spirits not available in Virginia ABC stores and not allocated products) These items have a strong secondary market in which you anticipate the auctions hammer price to be at least double original MSRP.

Our auction complied with Virginia ABC Regulation 3VAC5-70-230. Sale of designer or vintage spirit bottles.

Subject to Additional Terms and Conditions

VA Auctioneer License # 2907004535

2. Sell through to our Washington D.C. License

Washington D.C. has some of the coolest liquor laws in the country. Our D.C. ABRA liquor retailer license will be issued in June 2021. We are allowed to purchase rare, collectable and vintage spirit from anywhere in the world. That includes you!

100 Proof Spirits

DC ABRA Liquor license # Pending


Why Sell With BourbonBids?

As a seller or consignor through our D.C. area facility, you will have access to top buyers across the country. Collectors, retail stores, restaurants and the everyday consumer will have access to bid at auction on our platform. We leverage PayPal® buyer protection so both buyers and sellers are held to the highest standards. Other payment options are available.